Darklight Devlog #5

I’ve finally made a release candidate, I’ll be testing the game these next weeks. this past week has been mostly of bug fixes, I’ve also been looking into music that fits the theme of the game so I can add background music to the levels that don’t have any, for now I think I can focus more on testing.

I’ve been working on a new trailer for the game, it shows a lot more content than the previous trailer video, I’m planning to upload this video next week.

There’s also new options on the main menu and a credits panel (finally).


The Ruin Watcher (the first boss of the game) was originally created to protect Naram from invaders, half Wan, half Elyn, the experiment to merge two souls resulted in this first artificially created being, leading to more research on soul manipulation, which would later be the downfall of Naram.

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