Darklight Devlog #4

I improved the story by adding small cutscenes before the boss fights with all the three generals and Enel, I hope this helps explain the background of some of the characters and their reasons to be there. I also implemented a teleport system, now it’s possible to go back to previous areas instead of walking all the way (helps access optional content in the game).

The system works by just stepping on the teleporter, if the player hasn't been there before it will be added to the list of places the player can teleport to.

There’s still a few improvements left to add, I want to add background music to the levels, small camera improvements, a proper credits screen and main menu UI fixes. I’m hoping to finish these by next week so I can test the game a bit more before launch.


King Narai was the first and only king of Naram, he was the only Elyn who remembered the old days before their race arrived to the main land. He fought against the other five kingdoms until Graen was destroyed, at that moment some of the Elyn who wanted peace left Naram and went far away from the war, they built a city and made a new king.

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