Devlog #3

This week I worked on many bug fixes and improved storytelling by adding more notes. Continuing the game after death now reloads the entire level, in the past I decided to keep all enemies & effects in memory even when loading different levels but it had many problems and I only win a few seconds of loading time for it, I’m losing that in favor of game stability. There’s also improvements on the second level (Havea), I removed the grass which caused some lag and I also fixed the damage of the scythe enemies on Kooen. Another major improvement was using raycasts to detect if an enemy has a wall between it and the player, this was a big problem in Naram’s cave since enemies from floors above could become aggressive even if the player was not in sight (some enemies use a cone for detecting the player and others use a sphere).


The three generals (Yanh, Sazan & Aen) are immortal beings, they fought each other at some point in time long after Naram was destroyed, but they recognized Enel as their leader because of his power and his objective to remove Engna’s influence from the ruins of Naram. That’s what they thought he wanted to do, but Enel had other objectives in mind, only Yanh came to realize what his true purpose was, since they both shared the same desire for unlimited power. Sazan & Aen lived the end of the first age, from which only a few beings can recall what happened during those times. Yanh was born 45 years before they entered Naram, he had extraordinary talent and quickly became a general of the army of Jaren before being corrupted and joining Enel.

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