Devlog #2

This week I fixed the last boss of the game and added a cool fading effect to the world before the final battle starts. The player is shown that the cathedral is just a memory of what it used to be, while the crystal where the final boss is sealed, slowly fades away. There’s also many bug fixes and story improvements, specially the attack behavior of the bosses, I also re-positioned some of the NPCs and change their dialogs to give the player a better understanding of the plot.

Story changes

As I mentioned earlier, the story had a lot of improvements, it was written down before but I managed to consistently place it in dialogs with NPCs and notes that the player will find throughout the game, I’m not revealing too much of the lore but I intend to add small references to things I’ll be adding to other games, I also intend to add small updates for end game content after the game is released, one of which is Naram’s Library, accessible after the player has met specific requirements.


I’ll try to explain some of the lore in these devlogs, I thought I’d start with small things about the kingdom of Naram, it was once the kingdom of the Elyn race, but it was destroyed during the first age of Solus, they wanted peace with the rest of the world, but their kingdom fell due to the greed of those who still wanted supremacy.

Next steps

The game is near completion, next week I’ll be doing a complete playthrough, fix bugs and improve game mechanics.

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